Kale Yeah: Changing the Way We Think About This Vegetable

Kale yeah! Or ... maybe kale no. It has become America's trendiest vegetable. From overtaking our salads to our smoothies, to our graphic T-shirts, we're obsessed with consuming it and promoting it. But, Recent reports have been blowing up the Internet that have kale lovers in a frenzy, which suggest that the leafy "superfood" may indeed cause health risks. Wellness guru Lauren Imparato is chiming in on the debate herself, giving us three reasons why kale may be more detrimental than healthful to our bodies.  

1. It's difficult to digest.

Ever feel like you have that pooch that won't quit? That's because kale is causing you to bloat, says Imparato, and eating it raw makes matters worse. Apparently, consuming the vegetable in mass quantities creates this protruding look. Ingesting kale does to your stomach what a cactus does to your skin if rubbed against.

2. It may cause kidney stones.

Kale can lead to high levels of calcium oxalate in your body, which kidney stones are made from.

3. It can lead to a decrease in your metabolism.

This leafy green contains goitrogens, which can cause your thyroid groin to enlarge, which can cause an under active gland needed to make your metabolism work effectively. So, can we still eat this trendsetting green? Imparato suggests eating it raw in small doses or cooking it, which is easier to digest.   And according to Nutritionist Lovisa Nilsson, you shouldn't let the facts scare you off, but rather change your way of thinking. "It's true you should avoid eating too much raw kale, because just like broccoli and cabbage, the vegetable contains a sort of sugar called raffinose, which is hard to break down for the stomach," she says. "BUT, kale has lots of health benefits including being high in fibre, iron and vitamin A, K and C." Nilsson says we shouldn't fear this vegetable, however. "Don't be afraid to eat kale raw, but stick to a handful amount per day. Don't forget this also includes green juice with kale." "Kale is a great superfood and can be prepared to deliver nutrition in a variety of ways including steaming, cooking or in the oven," the nutritionalist concludes. Are you a kale lover? And how do you incorporate this superfood into your diet? Source: Daily Mail    

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