Think SMART When Making Fitness Resolutions For The New Year!

  HAPPY NEW YEARS BODYROCKERS!!!! Okay so, 2014 is gone and 2015 is here! If you haven’t set your personal goals yet, then you better get on it ASAP!  Don’t be that person who, in a couple of months from now, regrets this day. You have to remember that you have only ONE BODY to work with for the rest of your life, so treat it like ONE OF A KIND. Now, I know a lot of us are tired of making New Years Resolutions that are impossible to keep past January, right? We all know how that feels. Some of us just give up, get bored, get too occupied, or just never even start. That’s why it’s so important to make reasonable goals you can stick with. This year, make goals that are SMART:
 SPECIFIC –Write down your goals and be as specific as you can.  Setting a goal that you will “eat healthier” is too general and often harder to achieve than we think. Instead, set a goal to “eat at least two fruits and three vegetables a day” or to “switch from whole milk to 2% milk” or you can even give yourself a little challenge and try to cut down your carbohydrate (rice, pasta, breads) intake in the evening time, the closer you get to sleep time. This will help you create an action plan. Trust me; we all need to “see” action.
MEASUREABLE – Create a way to measure your success. Give yourself a realistic goal like “how much weight you want to lose” or “how many times a week you will work out.” Having something to measure helps make sure you are sticking to your goals. Some people use a tape measure and measure their waist every couple weeks to see the progression. In this case you can use your own clothes and see if in time your jeans get loser or your shirts get baggier. ATTAINABLE – Once you set your goal, the next step is to develop the right attitude and behaviors necessary to attain that goal. Think positive, give yourself daily reinforcement and award yourself along the way—just don’t use food as a reward! There’s a million and one ways to reward yourself besides eating… I’m sure you can think of one. REALISTIC – Small steps equal big success. Remember that you can always make a second goal once the first is achieved, but if you set your standards too high, you might be setting yourself up for failure. Stick to one goal, accomplish it, and then move on to the next goal TIMELY – Goals need a time frame. Without this, they are just goals with no action plan. Give yourself a realistic time frame to achieve your goal and you are on your way to success. Always keep in mind that results don’t come over night. It takes time, patience, and determination. Whatever your goal, remember be SMART and make reasonable goals you can stick with! Stay on your grind and remember to treat your body like an expensive car. You wouldn’t give an expensive high-end luxury car regular unleaded fuel, would you? I hope not. I think you would want to give it good premium fuel to make it last. Remember; feed your body “Premium Fuel,” like good protein and whole wheat grains and lots of vegetables…and drink LOTS OF WATER. Feel free to share your thoughts or to even help motivate each other with positive words on my blog and enjoy the new year of 2012!!! Smile & Breathe KR    

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