Karim's Bastard Absters Workout!

What's up BodyRockers!
Okay, today's workout is all about ABS & CORE.
I called this work out the Bastard Absters there because abs are a pain in the ass!
The pain is so huge for muscle so small.
Now, the one thing you want to remember when training abdominal muscles , you have to MASTER your breathing technique. Breathing on exertion, keeping the abs contracted and tight, releasing any air/oxygen that you may have in your stomach.
I always say imagine someone punching you in your stomach, you tighten and flex your abdominal so it doesn't hurt. Now, imagine doing that when you doing a crunch...every time you come up, you breathe out on exertion. Contracting those abs every time you come up as if someone was punching you in your stomach. Ha ha I know that's a crazy metaphor, but hey you get the point.

Workout Breakdown

Exercise One:
Lower ab crunch
Exercise Two:
Upper ab crunch
Exercise Three:
flutter kicks
Exercise Four:
Toe crunch
Exercise Five:
Full body crunch
Exercise Six:
Leg lift AND hold for 10 seconds (hold Three inches of the ground)
Now for beginners you will do each of the exercises for 10 reps for three rounds.
Intermediate will do four rounds at 20 reps for each exercise.
And for those Adanced BodyRockers, you're going to do five rounds of each for a repetition of 40.
And now remember for that last exercise the leg lift you're going to hold it for 10 seconds...keeping the abs TIGHT!
HAHA enjoy!
Smile & Breathe!

 1. Lower Ab Crunch

 Karim1 (2 of 13) Karim1 (3 of 13)

2. Upper Ab Crunch

Karim1 (4 of 13) Karim1 (5 of 13)

3. Flutter Kicks

Karim1 (6 of 13) Karim1 (7 of 13) Karim1 (8 of 13)

4. Toe Crunch

Karim1 (9 of 13) Karim1 (10 of 13)

5. Full Body Crunch

Karim1 (11 of 13) Karim1 (12 of 13)

6. Leg Hold

Karim1 (13 of 13)

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