Karim's Equalizing Workout

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Okay guys so, first off I want to thank you all for all of the great positive messages, questions, support, and love I have been receiving from all of you via my Instagram and Facebook pages. So here goes, the workout that I want to do with you guys, is a very fun workout. I called this workout Karim's Equalizing Workout! This workout you're going to need the equalizer bars, so if you haven't gotten them yet, follow the link below!

Click here to get your equalizer

Okay now this type of work out you're going to need to use your core muscles, your chest, your triceps, your back or should I say lats, abdominal, and also your legs...ha ha I guess even your legs will be needed for this work out, so suck it up!
So, I'm going to challenge you guys on this particular exercise. You're going to do for beginners three rounds of 10 each for intermediate you're going to do four rounds of 20 each for those advanced you're going to do five rounds of 30 of each.
So wherever you start this week, increase it one more round and increase your reps for the following week. At the end of the day it's all about challenging yourself to your next level of fitness.
Thanks again guys it's been a pleasure, please continue to contact me and hit me up on IG or FB. I really appreciate all of your love and support!
Smile & Breathe,

Workout Breakdown:

 Incline Push Ups

Equalizer Dips

Reverse Lat Pull

Knee Ups

Bulgarian Split Squat

Beginners: 10 Reps Each - 3 Rounds

Intermediate: 20 Reps Each - 4 Rounds

Advanced: 30 Reps Each - 5 Rounds


1. Incline Push Ups

The first exercise you're going to place your legs on the top of the bar balancing yourself with your abdominal core muscle using your chest and triceps for incline push-ups.
Karim1 (2 of 11) Karim1 (3 of 11)

2. Equalizer Dips

The second exercise you're going to do is called dips, the dips will be focusing on your triceps and your chest as well.
Karim1 (4 of 11) Karim1 (5 of 11)

3. Reverse Lat Pull

The next exercise is going to be the reverse lat pull, with this exercise you're going to use your lat muscles / your back and your biceps.
Karim1 (6 of 11) Karim1 (7 of 11)

4. Knee Ups

After that, comes your knee ups, utilizing your lower obliques and abs pulling your knees up to your chess contracting the abdominal muscle. Remember guys and gals, when training abdominal muscles, always keep the abdominal area tight, as if someone was going to punch you in your stomach, you want to contract your abs letting the air out so that your obliques are getting all of the work out. So breathe correctly.
Karim1 (8 of 11) Karim1 (9 of 11)

5. Bulgarian Split Squats

And last but not least, the Bulgarian split squat's. With this one keep in mind that you want your front leg to be equally balanced when your knee when you're squatting down, you don't want your knee over the front of your toe or it can cause pain to your knee.
Karim1 (10 of 11) Karim1 (11 of 11)

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