Kate Middleton Rocks Skinny Jeans: Her Slim Mom Bod 6 Weeks After Giving Birth!

The always fashionable Duchess of Cambridge chased after Prince George at the Beaufort Polo Club this weekend, stunning the photographers with her slender post-baby body. #mombod Back in skinny jeans only a month and a half after giving birth to Princess Charlotte, the mom of two is looking very fit. Wearing a nautical-style navy shirt and those super slim skinnies, Kate looked radiant and effortlessly chic. 33 year old Kate played with the almost 2 year old Prince George, running with him along the grounds. She attests that just lifting, moving and trying to keep up with the rambunctious toddler is enough to maintain her envy-worthy slender frame. She also says breastfeeding has helped her shed pounds quickly. Breastfeeding has shown to help new moms lose weight, although it doesn't always work for every woman. The process of breastfeeding does burn extra calories. However, it can leave women feeling more hungry and coupled with sleep deprivation and added stress, which can cause them to eat more and reach for less healthy alternatives. Keeping an eye on calorie intake and fitting in exercise can help if you don't have a fully trained staff to prep your meals like the Duchess! Kate does appear to be a very active and attentive mother. Playing with the beaming George, you can tell she is very involved and in-love with her little family. It is important to remember that if you're a new mom trying to lose weight, that eating necessary fruits and veggies and maintaining a balanced diet and fitness routine is the most effective way to shed pounds. But don't pressure yourself. Everyone's body runs at it's own pace, especially after giving birth! Share with us your tips and tricks to getting your pre-baby body back!   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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