Kate Winslet Opens Up About the Struggles of Marriage, Motherhood and Body Image

Kate Winslet is a household name. She stole our hearts in "Titanic" and continues to be a bold, beautiful and inspiring woman for never seeming to stay within societal standards as far as movie roles or body image is concerned.

Gracing the cover of WSJ. Magazine, the actress took time to open up about the trials and tribulations she has seen, from having two failed marriages to motherhood to weight concerns.

Now happily in her third marriage to Ned Rocknroll, Winslet says life has certainly been a rollercoaster.

Winslet divorced from Jim Threapleton in 2001, and then again from director Sam Mendes in 2001. "I know lots of people who are not in the public eye who have gone through several marriages, I really do," she reveals. "And it's just those are the cards that life dealt me. I didn't plan on it being that way . And f*** me, it hasn't been easy, you know." The actress married now husband Ned Rocknroll in 2012, with whom she now shares a son Bear with. He also acts as a stepfather to her two others Mia (by father Jim) and Joe (by father Sam).

"No one really knows what has happened in my life," Winslet notes. "No one really knows why my first marriage didn't last; no one knows why my second didn't. And I'm proud of those silences."

Winslet seems utterly enthralled with where she stands marriage wise today, however. "Thank God for Ned—really. He's just so incredibly supportive, and he's so much fun. He's absolutely everything to me. And to all of us," she says.

Reaching her milestone 40th birthday this October, Winslet opened up to the magazine about body image as well. "We all focus on our bodies in our late teens and our early 20s, in a way that is just not cool or healthy. In your 30s, you become aware of staying fit. Now I view my physical self as an instrument that I have to keep going because I'm a mother, and I have to be as healthy as I can for those three people who need me—more than I need for myself to be in a f***ing nude scene."

Are you a Kate Winslet fan? Source: Daily Mail  

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