Katy, Mila and Gigi: Celebs Who Really Work Their Workout Gear!

Style chic celebs like Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston always know what's hot to rock on the red carpet. But these fashionable ladies also know what looks hot in workout wear! Check out which A-listers really know how to turn gym clothes into street wear! #1 Katy Perry katy perry Katy's curves are definitely on display in this simple black outfit! Shaded behind her cute sunglasses and showing off her hot handbag, Katy just came from a Pilates sesh! The voluptuous singer works out 5 times a week, and typically prefers outdoorsy workouts than having gym time. #2 Mila Kunis mila kunis New mom Mila was spotted sipping on a cool summer Starbs after leaving the gym! Rocking an Adidas sport jacket and a sleek pony, the actress took to the streets after a hard hitting day. Mila is a self-proclaimed foodie, but maintains a balanced diet and loves yoga. She exercised throughout her pregnancy, and pushed herself gradually into a more impactful routine after giving birth. #3 Jennifer Aniston Look at those legs! At 46, Jen is still looking fresh and fit as ever! Spotted here listening to some tunes while she rocks this vibrant tee and shorts combo. Jennifer eats an amazingly clean and veggie rich diet, while doing a 40 cardio routine nearly every day. She also loves yoga and always ends her day with stretches! #4 Gigi Hadid gigi Supermodel Gigi could pull off any look! We're digging the long purple coat over her Nike leggings and casual tee. She loves boxing to give her those killer abs, but the ultra-athletic fashionista also enjoys core strengthening and ballet-inspired floor exercises. She has a weakness for fatty foods like burgers and fries, but tries to balance her cravings with fresh smoothies and healthier options. #5 Emma Stone The gorgeous Emma rocks this classic look of a simple white tank and tight black leggings. Grabbing a healthy banana as she leaves the gym, Emma likes to keep her diet balanced and steers clear of fads! Her workouts centre around building flexibility. She loves the cardio vascular strengthening routine of rock climbing and the simple, natural exercise of walking. What are your favourite outfits from this article? What do you love to wear to the gym?

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