Katy Perry Named Highest Paid Female Celeb Of 2015!

Katy Perry has been named by Forbes as the highest paid female celebrity of the year, after raking in $135 million in only 12 months! Katy has come along way from her beginners, as she broke out into mainstream success after releasing "I Kissed A Girl" in the summer of 2008. The 30-year-old mega-million making pop sensation is #3 on the list, with Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao taking the first and second spots. It has not been an easy road to fame for Katy, who underwent a string of record deal failures before finally being picked up. Katy came from a strict Christian upbringing, and grew up having to secretly listen to pop music CDs as not to offend her parents. She is now a goddess of pop and an infamous woman for shooting whip cream from her bra in her "California Gurls" video. Sex kitten Katy has a crazy schedule of world-wide tours, so how does she maintain her fit figure? While she may look like she loves nothing but sweets if you've seen her music videos or onstage costumes, Katy actually puts a lot of emphasis on eating healthy. She eats small meals during the day consisting of nutrient rich vegetables and quinoa. She loves fresh fruit juice, coconut water and dipping veggies in hummus. She likes to wake up early to get in some relaxing meditation before a stressful day, and will practice cardio and yoga. Check out Forbes.com  for the full list of celeb money makers! What are your thoughts on Katy Perry as an influential role model for women?

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