Katy Perry Poses Nude In Latest Moschino Fashion Campaign

Katy Perry shared images of herself in Moschino clothing and accessories on Instagram this morning after revealing last week that she was the new face of the fashion brand. katy2 The singer appears to be a natural fit for the campaign. Moschino creative director, Jeremy Scott and Perry have a history working together successfully so it is great to see them get the opportunity to do so on such a large scale. katy3 Most recently, Perry wore Moschino to the Coachella Music Festival and again last month at the Met Ball. Scott and Perry team up for lots of high profile moments. Scott designed Perry's outfit for the Superbowl Half Time Show and she posed on the runway of his fall 2014 collection which happened to be his first with the fashion house. katy4 Of their first meeting, Scott recalls that Perry walked up to him at an event and introduced herself. She said: "'Hi, I'm a singer and you're my favourite designer. One day, I hope to wear your things onstage. My name is Katy Perry,'" he said. The rest, as they say, is history. Here's hoping the two have a long and successful collaboration. I cannot wait to see more! What do you think of the campaign so far?

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