Kayte Walsh Shows Off Her Fit Mom Status While On Vacation In Miami Beach

Kelsey Grammer and his wife, Kayte Walsh, took advantage of the sun and hit the beach in Miami for a fun-filled family vacation. The couple was spotted taking turns in the waves with their children Gabriel (1) and Faith (3 -- not pictured). One thing is immediately clear, Kayte Walsh has a fit mom bod! walsh The orange bikini showed off Walsh's slender waist and enviable belly. Although time can be tight with two children under 3, Walsh evidently finds a way to balance it all. She obviously sticks to an exercise regimen and eats a healthy diet. Which is, of course, key to maintaining a trim physique. walsh2 Having money does make it a little bit easier to squeeze in those workouts. If you can afford a nanny or don't have to work, time is more plentiful. We know it isn't that simple for many of you. But, it is entirely possible. Being a mother doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your health or your body goals. It won't be a quick easy fix, but you can do it too. Have a look at these hacks that will help you fit in a few exercises while you go about your mom business. If you would prefer to be outside AND incorporate your baby into the workout, try this great Mommy and Baby Stroller workout. Getting your bikini body isn't impossible, and Walsh is living proof of that! walsh3 The former flight attendant looks happy and healthy and in love with her family. A truly winning combination! Are you a fit mom? How do you maintain your fabulous bod? Source: Daily Mail Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_113133" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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