How To Keep Perfectionism From Destroying Your Relationship

They always say that there is someone out there who is "perfect for you". But "perfect for you" doesn't translate into them being 100% perfect at all times. Perfectionism, and overly high expectations can do a lot of damage to your relationship with that perfect someone. Here are 3 ways to keep the perfectionist in you from destroying a perfectly good relationship.

#1 Learn to Communicate Your Emotions

Often times, perfectionists struggle with vocalizing their feelings. This can cause an extreme lack of emotional intimacy, and cause your partner to feel that you are closed off. To perfectionists, emotions are a sign of weakness. But they are imperative to keeping a relationship healthy. You can start small, perhaps by writing down what you're feeling and giving that letter to your partner.

#2 Recognize What "Over-Criticising" Is

If you're nagging about the way your partner brushes their teeth, that's being over-critical. Take a step back and realize that putting energy towards small, insignificant nit-picks is not time well spent. It can also break your partner down. Learn to hold your tongue when it comes to unnecessary criticisms.

#3 Let Go Of Extreme Expectations

Perfectionists sometimes feel because they give everything 110%, that the world should operate the same way. But sometimes our partners screw up, or don't buy the right kind of pasta sauce, or forget to take out the trash. However, none of that matters in the bigger picture if you have a partner who loves you and is loyal and devoted to you. Releasing those monumental expectations also relieves stress within you, and teaches you to appreciate the simple things in life.

What are some tricks you use to prevent your perfectionism from hurting your relationship? Have you ever dated a perfectionist, or vice versa? Share your thoughts with us!


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