Keep Your Diet Fresh And Healthy By Eating With The Seasons! (Infographic)

Shifting seasons doesn't just mean shifting wardrobe styles, it also means shifting produce choices! Is there anything more exciting than hitting the local farmer's market or grocery store and seeing all the bright, beautiful produce on offer? But how do you know what to pick up? They all look good but what will be freshest? At BodyRock, we are always talking about eating the freshest foods possible. Not only do fresh foods look fabulous, they are also at their nutritional peak. Sure, that quart of strawberries at the store in the middle of December may look great, but it likely had to travel a great distance to land in your shopping cart. This means the berries were picked early, transported -- sometimes thousands of miles, and ripened along the way. Some of this produce even gets plastered in waxes, ripening agents and preservatives so they look appealing to consumers. Studies have found that when produce is grown in season it can have up to three times more nutrients than when out of season. And because these foods are likely to travel less distance, you'll be buying them closer to the time they are harvested, meaning these nutrients are less likely to have disintegrated. To get the most out of your food, try make the bulk of your meals from seasonal produce. We've created this handy list to help you know what to look for and when! Check it out and then turn to the BodyRock Meal Plan for creative ways to work some of these foods into your diet! eatwiththeseasons-1

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