KelCee Collaboration : Real Time Workout

Since discovering BodyRock a few years ago, I have made so many amazing friends all over the world!!  As a community it truly feels like we are working out together every a TEAM!!  So when fellow BodyRocker, Cee and I got the wild idea to fuse together a workout, we had to roll with it!  This was our first attempt and I'd have to say we put together a tough one!!  If you like a challenge, this is right up your alley...but give it a shot, no matter what your level and make modifications where you need to!   Workout Breakdown : (50/10) 12 Rounds 1. Wolf Jump Burpee 2. Grasshopper Push-up to Side Plank Toe Touch 3. Wide leg surfer to 2x jump lunge 4. Push up Jack, pike Jack, monkey push-up 5. Alt. Sandbag swing 6. Downward reach & Kick through 7. Round the world squats 8. 3x hollow rock to star crunch 9. Push-up, 2x Jack,toe touch & reach 10. Bulgarian squat tuck jump 11. 1 arm half Burpee, 1 arm push up 12. Suicide Burpee   Find more workouts like this : here.

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