Kendall Jenner Is Reportedly Dating Hottie Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas has graduated from cute teeny bopper to total stud - complete with a fit, buff bod. And now aspiring model Kendall Jenner is getting a piece. nick jonas Since Nick broke up with Olivia Culpo earlier this year, he has been on the market. While we all were hoping he'd fall of one us, he has reportedly set his sights on Kendall. Kendall's gal pal Gigi Hadid was responsible for the hook-up, as she is dating Nick's older bro, Joe. According to US Weekly, the pair has a "flirty chemistry from the start". The two began texting on the regular and things went from there. "Nick was single and looking to date and there was an obvious attraction. He absolutely thinks she’s hot." says the source. Nick and Kendall want to keep things hush hush right now until they know how serious their relationship is. Both are busy, with Nick touring for his new album and Kendall going between her modelling and her reality show appearances. We'll have to wait to see if Nickall pans out. Jonner? Kenick? One thing the couple does have in common is their love of fitness. Kendall has developed a love of running to stay lean, while eating fresh veggies and fruits and drinking 12 cups of detox tea daily. Nick hits the gym frequently to shred his ripped physique. He eats lean protein and has cut out refined carbs and sugars. What are your thoughts on this hot new celeb couple? Source: Cosmopolitan Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat code  

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