Kendall Jenner Reveals How She Stays in Such Great Shape

When celebrities have beautiful bodies, outsiders are on the look out for any and all intel as to how they achieved their toned and taught physique.
[caption id="attachment_126572" align="alignnone" width="519"]kendall (Photo: Kendall Jenner/Instagram)[/caption] Kendall Jenner has a great physique, there's no doubt about that, but it seems as though she doesn't do much for it. Apparently, she's just been blessed with some seriously good genes.
The 20-year-old admits in a blog post called Working Out: I Could Be Lazy, But That's Not Me that she's just naturally thin. She says, "To be honest, I could probably be lazy and not work out and still look the same - but I'm not like that. I've always been really active. I like to work out to feel better about myself." The young model never shies away from showing off her flat tummy, and often shows off more than that in sexy photoshoots. Of her work and confidence she says, "I do a lot of photo shoots with my stomach showing, and it just feels better to know that I can wear a crop top - or nothing, lol - at a last-minute shoot and not be worried about it." "It's all about feeling good about my body and being confident at work." [caption id="attachment_126573" align="alignnone" width="595"](Photo: Kendall Jenner/Instagram) (Photo: Kendall Jenner/Instagram)[/caption] As for what exercise Kendall likes best, she prefers New York's Gotham Gym, which is also a favorite of her BFF Gigi Hadid, who credited the establishment for getting her in amazing shape pre Victoria's Secret show last month. Kendall said, "When I'm in [New York City], I like boxing at Gotham Gym. I did it last time I was in New York and it kicked my a** because I hadn't gone in almost a year!" [bctt tweet="Kendall Jenner Reveals How She Stays in Such Great Shape"] "When I'm in Paris or London I'll just work out in the hotel gym. It would be really easy to be lazy about it when I'm traveling, but then I wouldn't have the tone or definition that I want." [caption id="attachment_126574" align="alignnone" width="479"](Photo: Kendall Jenner/Instagram) (Photo: Kendall Jenner/Instagram)[/caption] As for her diet, she says "Eating healthy is a huge part of it. I can feel it in my workouts when I'm not eating right. I looove pasta, but it definitely makes me feel tired, which I don't like." "I usually start my day with eggs, avocado, and oatmeal. I just feel better if I eat better."
Are you the type of person who doesn't have to work out to remain thin, yet you still like to work out? Source: Look

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