Kendall Jenner's Cellulite

Kendall Jenner, who turned 18 this year and wants to be a model, may be a step closer to achieving her goal after walking the runway for Givenchy and Chanel during Paris Fashion Week. kendalljenner givenchy Being in the public eye, it is often difficult to escape negative comments from various sources, such as these commenters: Kendall comment But after a weekend of beach fun with sister Kylie and friends, some social media commenters have expressed shock at the skinny teenager’s cellulite. Kendall comment2 Kendall comment 3 SERIOUSLY? Cellulite issues again? I’ve already railed against the negativity surrounding Scar-Jo’s cellulite, but this case is almost worse. At least Scarlett Johansson is a fully grown and self-actualized adult person. I’m not saying Kendall Jenner necessarily isn’t, but she IS only 18 years old. Girls her age already have enough body image stuff to deal with, and if you can’t tear her down for being too fat, too thin, too pale, too tan, now girls have to worry about cellulite too? [caption id="attachment_44351" align="alignnone" width="306"]kendalljenner too thin Kendall looks really thrilled to have some paparazzi take pictures of her in a bikini.[/caption] Cellulite can be caused by a million factors: age, exercise, diet, hormones, dehydration, and some people are just more prone to cellulite than others. There are certain workouts or diet tips that you can follow to help decrease or get rid of cellulite, but a cellulite-free body doesn’t necessarily mean a fit one, and vice-versa. A cellulite-free body should not be the be-all and end-all benchmark of attractiveness. The fact that someone felt the need to superimpose a big red arrow onto this picture is kind of awful. I’m definitely guilty of complaining about the Kardashian Klan and their media presence in the past, but anyone who verbally attacks a gorgeous teenager for no real reason needs to rethink their message. Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_102027" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code snapcode @BodyRockTv[/caption]


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