Kettlebell Exercises to Kick Butt #5: Kettlebell Figure 8

This looks and feels a lot like a basketball drill, but you'll find that it's an excellent workout for your arms, your abs, and your lower back. It's not an exercise for beginners to try, but only those who have strong lower back muscles should attempt it. The ballistic movement of this exercise can lead to lower back injuries, so make sure to keep that form tight! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="763"] Source:[/caption]

Kettlebell Figure 8

Stand with your legs spread beyond hip width apart, and bend your knees into a half-squat. Make sure your chest is up and your back is straight. Grip the kettlebell in your right hand, starting with the weight hanging between your legs. Swing the weight forward and around the outside of your right leg, and pass it between your legs to your left hand. With your left hand, swing the weight around the outside of your left leg, and pass it between your legs back to the right hand.   Keep the motions smooth, and see if you can keep it going for a solid 60 seconds.  
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