Kettlebell Training and What are the Benefits?

 Kettlebell training is a practical training that allows for all fitness levels to gain benefits, from elite athletes looking to bring their training to a new level to people discovering fitness for the first time. Over the last few years since 2009 there has been a great increase in the number of users of Kettlebell, why?  It gets back to basics, training the functional and fundamentals for whole body fitness…it can be a great whole body workout in a reasonably short period of time. For anyone who has never used the Kettlebell and wants to know more about the benefits here is a list of a few benefits….
  1. Kettlebell is a great source of cardio, quick, fast and effective without the boredom of the treadmill.
  2. Functional strength can be developed without doing isolated reps over and over again.
  3. Flexibility is increased by doing dynamic movements rather than long poses.
  4. It is only one piece of equipment that is compact and easy to travel with. It allows you to train all muscle groups either in isolated or compound movements.
  5. It is for anybody, age, shape, size or fitness level
  6.  It lights two candles with one flame, by developing not only strength but cardio at the same time.
  7. For people with limited time like moms and workers etc. it is a great bang for your buck.  You can squeeze cardio, strength and flexibility training all in the one session.
  8. It is great for fat loss as there is an extremely high metabolic advantage to swinging the weight around.  Secondly strength training creates a more dense muscle mass, which burns more calories than fat.
  9. It strengthens your muscles from your head to your tippy toes, because Kettlebell training uses compound movements (whole body movements). It also strengthens tendons and ligaments making joints tougher and less likely to be injured.
  10. Saves Money…. Who does not need to save money?  No need for gym memberships or personal trainers as you can train in the comfort of your own home.  Kettlebells are nearly indestructible and relatively inexpensive.
  11. The movements are easy to learn and simple.  No matter how old or out of shape you are everyone can do it.
  12. Core strength develops quickly and safely when using the Kettlebell, because you require your core engaged in almost every lift and swing.
  13. Helps with lower back pain due to the glutes and hip muscles being used when Kettlebell training.  As these muscles become stronger you will find your back muscles becomes less stressed with over use and have support from the glutes and hip muscles.  In other words your body learns a more correct and much more powerful movement pattern that helps with everything you do and your back pain decreases or stops.
  14. Corrects most imbalances, since most Kettlebell exercises are performed with a single limb you cannot but help get both sides of your body equally developed and functional.
  15. Recovery is improved, which is a critical area of athletic training without the debilitating soreness.  Kettlebell drills facilitate active recovery and provide exceptional conditioning.
The benefits of Kettlebell training are there ready for anyone ready to use them.  Try something different and watch your fitness develop.  Just get started….Results will follow….Variety is the spice of life and also in training. Here is a Kettlebell workout to get you started .... I am a great believer in luck, the harder I work the more I have it....I am doing it for me. 5 rounds 10 Repetitions Kettle-bell Swings Kettle-bell Backward Lunge Kettle-bell Plank row Kettle-bell Squat core twist punch / high five Kettle-bell Sit-up Single Arm Press Kettle-bell Running Drill 5 Kettle-bell Burpee (additional) Beginner Body Weight Squat Backward Lunge Plank Row Full or from Knees Squat Twist Sit-up One Arm Press 100 High Knees 5 Burpees without Push-up (additional) Advanced Body Weight Squat Tuck Jump Backward Lunge and Jump Lunge Plank with Row and Push-up Elbows in Tuck jump from Low and Twist from Low Low V Sit-up (Legs off the ground) with Over Head Single Arm Press 200 High knees 5 Burpees Double Push-up (additional)    

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