Khloé Kardashian Gets Her Butt Lasered to Remove “Stretch Marks and Cellulite”

The Kardashians don't hide anything about their life on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, not even their butts. In the above sneak peek, Khloé Kardashian heads to get some laser work done and explains, "Cause I have like stretch marks and cellulite, he does a little more for me." She added to Kendall Jenner, "You don't have stretch marks I'm sure." She fairly admits, "When you are photographed all the time, it's natural to have insecurities or want to change certain things about yourself." Screen+Shot+2014-10-08+at+9.59.52+AM Kim Kardashian also stops by for support and as she watches on she admits, "Khlo I got you a dress, but I see your ass is so huge I just don't know if it'll fit your ass." Watch the above sneak peek to see Khloé's reaction and see her booty get worked on! As much as people love to turn their noses up at the Kardashians, short cuts in fitness and your appearance can be very tempting. Would you have this procedure done if you could?

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Hi,I have some more information about cellulite And how to remove it

Anas Abumohsen January 29, 2021

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