Khloé Kardashian Sweats Out Her Stress at the Gym (Video)

Khloé Kardashian has been in the spotlight for years, but only recently does it seem that her name carries more weight than usual.

Khloé Kardashian reveals how she sweats out the stress. Amidst losing a whopping 35 pounds, which the media was quick to celebrate, as being healthy, fit and strong looks good on anyone, she found herself rushing to the hospital bed of Lamar Odom, as he fought for his life. Of course, the aftermath of that situation came with a circulation of harsh rumours, and KK was left to pick up the pieces and continue on her journey towards a more well-balanced life both mentally and physically.

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As for how she is staying on track, the gym seems to be her go-to for dealing with all the stressors that have recently made their way into her life. “I would definitely feel worse if I skipped my daily workout!” she said on her newest Khlo-Fit video post, called “No Excuses: Sweating Out The Stress," in which the socialite, 31, is seen doing a rigorous workout that includes jumping jacks, weighted sit-ups and even sprints.

She admits that nothing is better for the spirit in the long run than breaking a sweat. "No sleep, uber irritated this morning,” she began, but went on to say “You never regret a workout, just the workout you didn’t make.”

Of the knee brace she can be seen wearing on occasion in her workouts she said, “People think I wear a knee brace because [my trainer] Gunnar overexerts me, but I have had three knee surgeries – reconstructive, artificial cartilage, meniscus tear – and I get it drained about every six months because I was in a car accident.”

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