Khloe Kardashian's "Secret" Liposuction! Is She A Total Fitness Fake?

I know, more Kardashian gossip but stay with me on this one. Khloe Kardashian has been working hard to get fit. She's made so much progress that she is considering having her butt reduced because it now looks out of proportion to the rest of her tiny frame. She credits diet and exercise with all this. Her Instagram account is full of trim looking body shots and gym selfies. khloe3 An insider says that Khloe is "finally feeling very positive about her body image." But, there's a catch, as there always seems to be with this crew. There is a rumour going around that Khloe had liposuction on her waist, stomach and leg about 3 months ago. khloe4 Obviously Khloe is free to do whatever she wants with and to her body. But I can't help but wonder if using lipo to get your body right and pinning it on your fitness routine isn't a truly horrible thing to do. Like it or not, young women look up to the Kardashians. Pretending to do one thing while doing another is setting a really poor example. Furthermore, it creates an absolutely impossible body expectation. If Khloe's waist is due to surgery, it wouldn't matter how closely I follow her workouts or her diet, I will never be able to get there. This could leave a lot of people feeling like complete and utter failures. That's certainly a healthy way to live. Not. khloe What do you think? If Khloe had surgery but credits her workouts, does this make her a cheater? Is she guilty of promoting unrealistic body expectations or setting an impossible ideal? h/t: The Stir

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