Kick Up Your Quinoa Game With These 6 Recipes

Quinoa is a hot commodity right now. People are absolutely loving this ancient grain as it's not only an incredible superfood that is nutrient-dense and packed with plant-based protein, amino acids and vitamins, but easy to make and absolutely delicious as well. But are you ready to step outside the box, away from simply boiling and serving? Check out these six ways to kick up your quinoa a notch.
  1. Charred Romaine Greek Salad With Quinoa-Crusted Feta

2. Quinoa, Sweet Potato, and Walnut Veggie Burgers 3.  Quinoa Salad With Beets, Blue Cheese, And Nutty Herb Vinaigrette

4. Eggy Quinoa Pizza

5. Steak, Quinoa, And Chimichurri Salad 6. Chinese Takeout-Style Fried Quinoa   Are you excited to try any of these recipes for dinner tonight? Source: Self

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