Kickass Bodyweight Series - Abs & Butt

Welcome to the first of four workouts in my Kickass Bodyweight workout series. There is no equipment needed for these … just your dedication, hard work and energy. Give this ALL YOU’VE GOT, keep your form clean and consistent, and track your progress! The joy of this workout is that it can be done anywhere, so you have no excuse for not getting it done. This workout will focus on your abs and ass. Keep those glutes squeezed and your abs tight throughout the entire workout.   Set your timers as follows   -          6 exercises   -          50 seconds INTENSE workout (give it all you got)   -          10 second rest between exercise   -          Repeat a total of two times   ** Note: you can change this up as you deem fit – if you want shorter spurts then do a quicker rest. I personally prefer the above format as it really pushes you towards the end.   ** For added difficulty you can add the weighted vest to this work out. Find it here:     Glute Bridge Lay on back with your knees bent, you should be able to graze the back of your ankle with your fingertips. Raise your hips off of the ground while ensuring your feet stay flat. Pause and squeeze glutes at the top, then slowly lower to starting position. Repeat. Abs&Butt (1 of 18) Abs&Butt (2 of 18)   V-in’s Sit on the ground, lifting feet and lean back your upper body slightly. Straighten out your legs and lean back so that your upper and lower body are hovering above the ground. Pull knees back into chest and repeat.  Abs&Butt (6 of 18) Abs&Butt (5 of 18)   One leg pull and push Get on all fours with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees together. Lift one knee of the ground and, with a slightly rounded back, pull knee in towards chest. Without touching the ground push leg back into an upward leg extension, squeezing your glute at the top of the move. Bring back to chest without touching and repeat. ** Switch legs at the 25 second mark or do one leg for the full 50 seconds on the first round and switch to opposite leg on the second round** Abs&Butt (9 of 18) Abs&Butt (10 of 18) Abs&Butt (11 of 18)   Reverse sit-up Lay on your back, feet on the floor and legs extended straight up. Contract your abs and lift hips off the floor. Return to starting position and repeat Abs&Butt (13 of 18) Abs&Butt (14 of 18)   Toe touches Lay on your back with legs in a 90 degree table top position. Bring toes to the floor, keeping same angle in your legs and return back to starting position using your abs to control the entire movement. Repeat Abs&Butt (15 of 18) Abs&Butt (16 of 18)   Side-lying leg lift Lying on your side, lengthen your bottom leg out and cross your top leg over the top of it. Prop yourself up on your forearm or prop your head up with your hand. Lift your bottom leg up and hold, then lower back down. Your torso should stay still throughout entire movement. Repeat. Abs&Butt (17 of 18) Abs&Butt (18 of 18)  

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