Kickass Bodyweight Series - Bis & Tris

Welcome to the second part of the Kickass Bodyweight workout series. Best part – no equipment required! Remember to give it 110%, keep your form clean and consistent, and track your progress! This workout will focus on sculpting and toning your arms so that you can rock those sleeveless shirts.   Set your timers as follows   -          4 exercises   -          50 seconds INTENSE workout (give it all you got)   -          10 second rest between exercise   -          Repeat a total of three times (total of 12 minutes)   ** Note: you can change this up as you deem fit – if you want shorter spurts then do a quicker rest. I personally prefer the above format as it really pushes you towards the end.     Tricep Push Ups Place your hand in a narrow hand position and get into a plank - back straight, abs and ass tight and feet slightly apart. Do a push up (see guide below) but keep arms sliding close to your sides the entire way down. Push back up, keeping that straight line in your back. Repeat. Check out the guide I recently posted for push-ups here:  Bis&Tris (1 of 19) Bis&Tris (5 of 19) Bis&Tris (3 of 19)   Alternating hand/elbow plank Get into a plank position on hands, shoulder width apart. Drop to elbows one arm at a time, then return to hands. Switch leading arm at 25 second mark. Bis&Tris (7 of 19) Bis&Tris (8 of 19) Bis&Tris (9 of 19) Bis&Tris (10 of 19) Bis&Tris (12 of 19)   Spiderman push up Perform a push-up (see guide above). On the down movement, bring one knee up to the elbow on the same side of the body. On the up movement, return leg to starting position. Alternate sides with each pushup. Modification if you start to lose your form is to drop to your knees but continue to touch one knee to elbow. Bis&Tris (13 of 19) Bis&Tris (15 of 19)Bis&Tris (17 of 19)   Decline Plank Elevate your back feet on a higher surface and get into plank, holding on your forearms. Depending on height of object you can also get on your hands, ensuring they are shoulder width apart. Keep back straight, butt and abs tight and gaze slightly in front of your hands. Hold for full 50 seconds. Bis&Tris (18 of 19)  

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