Kickass Bodyweight Series - Full Body

The last part of the Kickass Bodyweight series targets your entire body – no discrimination against any of your body parts here!   Set your timers as follows   -          6 exercises   -          50 seconds INTENSE workout (give it all you got)   -          10 second rest between exercise   -          Repeat a total of two times (total of 12 minutes)   ** Note: you can change this up as you deem fit – if you want shorter spurts then do a quicker rest. I personally prefer the above format as it really pushes you towards the end.    One-Arm Burpees (Shoulders + Arms + Core + Legs) Perform a burpee, but on the down / jump out phase, support your body with only 1 Arm, alternating arms each time you touch the ground. How to do a burpee: Stand with legs hip width apart. Squat down to the ground and touch the floor (one arm), jump legs back into plank position, jump legs back into a squat, hop up with hands in the air or behind your head and back down into squat. Repeat  FullBody (1 of 23) FullBody (5 of 23) FullBody (2 of 23) FullBody (3 of 23) FullBody (4 of 23) Pushups (Arms + Chest) Perform a push up ensuring that you keep core tight and back flat. Want some tips on how to get the perfect push up – check out this link I previously posted:  FullBody (7 of 23) FullBody (9 of 23) FullBody (10 of 23)  Mountain Climber Twist (Core + Shoulders + Abs) Begin in a plank position on hands and feet. Alternate bringing knees up towards chest and twisting to the opposite side. FullBody (7 of 23) FullBody (14 of 23) FullBody (15 of 23)   Superman pull-back (Back) Lying on stomach with arms straight overhead, lift upper body and lower body at the same time. In the up position, pull arms down and back, squeezing shoulder blades together. Extend back to up position, lower to mat and repeat FullBody (16 of 23) FullBody (17 of 23)   Star plank get up  (Shoulders + Arms) Lie on side and prop upper body up with elbow while placing hand flat on mat. Engage your abs and straighten your legs and arm to push yourself up into a star extension. Hold for a count of two and lower back down. On the second round switch sides. FullBody (20 of 23) FullBody (21 of 23)   Bicycle Crunch (Abs) Lie on your back with legs in a table top position. Place hands behind head or on temple and bring opposite elbow to opposite knee in a controlled motion while extending other foot out. Switch sides. Ensure you are not pulling up your neck towards knee - the motion should come from contracting the abs. FullBody (22 of 23) FullBody (23 of 23)  

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