“I have a kid, a six pack and no excuse” - Is This Fat Shaming?

Fit Mom's who blog seem to be always stirring up controversy. Fitness Blogger Abby Pell has caused her own social media SH*T storm recently by posting the above picture with the caption: “I have a kid, a six pack and no excuse” Fitness Blogger Abby Pell Abby recently placed fourth place in a women's bodybuilding competition and after being proud of her accomplishment posted her picture on her Instagram account. Thats when all hell broke loose. Commenters immediately pounced all over the post and accused the 33 year old mom of "fat shaming" other mothers who are not at her fitness level. One commenter wrote: This is fat shaming, pure and simple. Exploiting your motherhood to show off is despicable and shameless. Another commenter with a serious twig up their ass wrote: This is so demeaning— I bet she doesn’t have to work for a living. Abby responded to the negative comments with a follow up on her Facebook page stating: "I don’t want to make other women feel bad about themselves, I want them to look at me and think, if she can do it so can I". Our take on this is that Abby has every right to be proud of her body - she has obviously worked hard for it. If you don't like it then simply tune out and don't follow her. Fitness Blogger Abby Pell Fitness is an incredibly positive force for good in the world, but it also seems to have the ability to touch on people's nerves. There is a strong tendency for people to feel like your fitness efforts or attempts to eat responsibly are a judgement call on how they are choosing to live their lives. Sadly this is seldom the case, however people can quite often feel threatened or judged just in the presence of someone who is working on their fitness. Maybe you have experienced this in your own life. Friends or family teasing you about not indulging with them, a sense of pressure in the room when you make the choice to workout or eat foods that support your training goals but make you stand out from the crowd. As important as it is to be respectful of others, and accepting of other body types, the real shaming here in this story seems to us to be Fitness Shaming - NOT - Fat Shaming. Any thoughts on this?  

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