Kill it With Cardio #2: Weight Lifting

You'd think that lifting weights is meant ONLY for muscle-building, but the truth is that, when done right, strength training can be an EPIC cardio workout. How is this possible? Easy: incorporate movements that will force your heart and lungs to work harder. This is one of the good things about CrossFit, as the training regimen mixes cardio and strength training exercises for a solid workout. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="630"] Source:[/caption] Here are a few examples of strength training movements that will help to hit your cardio:
  • Squat Jumps -- Meant to focus on the legs, but the "jump" part forces your lungs to work
  • Burpees -- Meant to build core, leg, butt, chest, and arm muscles, but the high-pace of the movement will push your cardio hard
  • Mountain Climbers -- Meant to build core and upper body strength, but gives you an excellent cardio workout at the same time
  • Knee Jumps -- Meant to work your legs and glutes, but great for cardio as well
Of course, not all weightlifting exercises will serve as cardio, but if you keep your heart rate up (over 125 BPM burns 1,000 calories per hour), rest less than 30 seconds between sets, and incorporate the above exercises into your routine, you may not need to do cardio every day! Bonus: The Daily HIIT workouts are meant to build muscles, but the HIIT style ensures that they hit cardio as well as strength training! Check them out…  
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