Killa Gorilla (Real Time Workout)

Today's real time workout is a KILLER!  Get after this workout like an animal!!  I always do the most difficult version of each exercise, but I mind the modifications.  Whenever I feel the need to stop, I push harder and harder, then maybe do a couple modified reps if I have to.  Try not to stop.  Don't give up.  I hope that I can motivate you to keep going...I even take a few pauses.  But we are going to do it together!  Do grab your tennis shoes and find a space to do this. Here's the workout Breakdown: You will need your Gymboss Timer, your Ultimate Sandbag, a mat, and a jump rope.  There are 3 parts in the first portion of the workout.  You will set your timers for 6 Rounds...10 Seconds Rest/50 Seconds Work.  The second portion is 50 Rocket Launchers! Part 1 1. Mountain Climbers 2. Low Jacks Part 2 1. Sandbag Combo Part 3 1. High Knees Jump Rope 2. Plank Walk Get Ups Finish it off with 50 ROCKET LAUNCHERS!!!

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