Killer Ab Workout - This DESTROYED Me!

Taking those first steps towards getting into a regular fitness routine can be a little difficult to figure out. You're not entirely sure what you're doing and if you're doing it right. It can be a little intimidating. Quite often I meet other girls who are uncomfortable with the thought of weight lifting. They're worried they'll bulk up like a male would and become less feminine. I used to think this way as well. I wanted to be strong, not skinny but it took me a few years to realize using weights was definitely the way to go for my personal goals. Not everyone will want the same results! Here is my progress once introducing weights to my work outs. I am 15lbs heavier in the right picture.

                                                 muscle building before and after Make sure to fuel your body enough to build muscle. Don't starve yourself! Yesterday I absolutely KILLED my abs. I haven't felt pain (good pain) like this in what feels like forever and I LOVE it! If you have access to equipment in a gym, look for a TRX suspension trainer. If not, use a yoga ball.  
  • Adjust the TRX so that both handles are about a foot off the ground. Get into a high plank and slowly rest the top of your foot in each handle. (If using a yoga ball, place the top of your feet on the top of the ball).
  • In a straight high plank position (with suspended feet), tuck your knees in towards your chest. Keep a stable position.
  • Go for 3 sets of 15 reps as a beginner and work your way up to at least 6 sets of 15 reps.
For the second part of my ab workout, I used a dip station and did leg raises.
  • Arms extended and body straight vertically, slowly bring both legs up (keeping them straight) to about a 90 degree angle (if you can).
  • Go for 5 sets of 10 reps as a beginner and work your way up to at least 8 sets of 10 reps.
  If you have to modify these workouts in whichever way is best for you, do so! Your body will grow and get stronger with consistency. Be safe and have fun with it!

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