Hi BodyRockers! August has arrived! I hope you are enjoying your Summer so far! Today I have for you a Killer Six-Pack-Abs Workout! This is a fun workout to throw into your mix of abdominal routines...and we can never have too many! Whether you are wanting a flat, toned waistline, chiseled six-pack-abs, or if you are simply wanting to lose weight all over this workout will help you out! I believe in training your abs from all different angles and always incorporating core to strengthen the spine. This workout will definitely get your heart rate up as well which will rev up your metabolism so you burn calories at rest! This is what hiit training is all about. If you find any of the exercises too complicated just break it up to whatever works best for you :) This workout is for both men and women. I am using two 10 lb. dumbbells in the routine, but pick a weight that challenges you. THE WORKOUT: 10 EXERCISES 40-50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. I did 40 seconds because of my camera which did cut me off again, but thankfully after I completed the workout! Warm up 5-10 minutes!! Go through the workout 2-3 times depending on your fitness level. EXERCISES: Here's the written breakdown, but you'll need to watch the video.
  1. Inch worm hops twice + 2 Star pushups
  2. Lower abdominal leg raises with lift holding 2 DB in a finished chest press position
  3. DB crunches + DB V-Sit 2 times each
  4. Side burpee + elbow to knee + Side Plank pushup + knee to elbow TWICE
  5. Repeat other side
  6. Plank side hops + center half burpee + Shoulder taps
  7. Alternate Bike abs 4 times + 4 Ab crunches
  8. Superman + Burpee
  9. DB Ab crunch in finished chest press position 4 times + DB overhead bicycles 6 times
  10. Decline Plank + elbow to knee hold 2-4 seconds alternating.

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