Kim Kardashian's Selfie Book Includes 115 Cleavage Close Ups and 10 Nudes

Kim Kardashian, the self proclaimed "Queen of the Selfie," is preparing for the release of her photo book Selfie coming out in May. Its contents include 300 close ups including 115 cleavage shots, 23 butt shots and 10 nudes. The books spans Kardashian's life from her days as Paris Hilton's personal assistant to the dress fittings from her third marriage. The most recent of the photos show the lead up to her 2014 marriage to Kanye West. Kim says: 'You have to have a sense of humor every once in a while, so many people think that taking so many selfies is just ridiculous. For me, what's so funny is I love taking pictures and posting them on social media for memories.' I'm one of those people who thinks so many selfies is ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I've snapped one or two myself. Sometimes I think I look nice and asking someone else to take a picture would be weird. Or when I take selfies with a group, they show closeness and fun. I do understand the impulse. I don't understand the impulse to more or less do nothing but take selfies and then try to pass it off as photography. Sure, Kim has mastered the angles that make her curves look their best, a skill for certain, but it isn't art. I'd like to know how many selfies get tossed before she lands on these perfect, sexy ones. If she really had a sense of humour about it, she'd be making a book of those ones. I'd also like to know what memories she's capturing when she takes pictures of her butt while lying in bed. Or maybe I don't. At any moment we can go on Instagram and find more than enough selfies from Kim. For free. If it is the nudes you're after, there are no shortage of those found by a simple google image search (probably why her nude cover shoot with Paper failed to 'break the internet') and all of this is to say nothing of that infamous sex tape. Kim has left very little to our collective imaginations. There is nothing more to this book than a money grab from an egoist. Why buy the books when you can see most of it for free? I'm not questioning Kim's value as a person, I'm questioning her value as a cultural icon. I do not believe she has contributed in any special way to the advancement of our culture. This book will not be that contribution. If anything, her antics set us back. It traps us in a world that celebrates 'perfection' and allows for little escape from a judging gaze. Where does it end? I know, back in the day, I thought "geez, it would really suck to have a sex taped leaked like that." Have your most intimate moments, shared, globally. But now, Kim is just cutting out the middle man. Kim thinks Kim is pretty. Kim wants you to tell Kim that she is pretty. Put down the phone! Not everything requires a social media update. Buy the book if you must. I'm sure Kim and Kanye can use the proceeds to build an extra wing on their $20 million mansion. I don't think there is enough space, as it stands, to house their collective egos.

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