Did you know there are 5 ways that bananas can solve health problems better than pills?!

Bananas have very large amount of fiber and different kind of sugars than other fruits. Therefore, this amazing fruit can provide great amount of energy but it can also solve certain health problems better than some drugs do. Never hesitate when it comes to eating banana or not because bananas belong on the super-food list.
  1. High Blood Pressure
Not all of us known that lack of potassium and excessive salt intake can have very negative effects on blood pressure. It is recommended to eat one banana each morning in order to maintain blood pressure ideal. Bananas are very rich in potassium which is essential for our blood.
  1. Depression
Bananas can help you fight depression. This is due to tryptophan presence in the fruit. Tryptophan is found in a form of protein which stimulates serotonin’s secretion (hormone of happiness). In order to improve your mood within minutes, you only need to eat just one banana. You will feel calm and happy afterwards.
  1. Stress
Stress can make levels of potassium drop low because it can easily speed up the metabolism. Metabolism and potassium are narrowly linked. Like we said before, bananas can increase the potassium levels. Regular consumption of this fruit will not only increase potassium levels but it will also regulate the optimal water amount in the body and will normalize and improve heart’s work.
  1. Constipation
Bananas contain dietetic fiber and pectin. Both of these stimulate toxin-removal process from the body and speed up digestion. Besides that, bananas reduce flatulence, stimulate digestion, have probiotic properties and ease intestines tension due to constipation.
  1. PMS
Since it has been confirmed that vitamin B has relieving premenstrual symptoms properties, and bananas are very rich in vitamin B6, this makes bananas excellent fruit (which has a positive effect on the level of glucose in the blood) when it comes to dealing with PMS. They will also help you reduce abdomen and waist pain, retain water in the body and regulate mood swings. Source: Healthy Food House Reposted from: http://www.healthyfoodstar.com/5-problems-bananas-solve-better-pills/ Feel free to follow me on my Facebook page or check out more from me on my blog at www.zuzanaorbodyrockaddict.blogspot.com

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