Know Your Worth

I am a huge fan of the UFC and I absolutely LOVE Rhonda Rousey, and I love her even more after seeing this video. By now, everyone has probably seen the video of the now former NFL Baltimore Raven’s running back Ray Rice, who was caught on camera knocking out his fiancé with a punch in an elevator. “I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Rhonda told Charissa Thompson, with an interview with “Extra” about watching the video for the first time. Charissa asked Rhonda her take on the situation due to her being involved in a violent sport. Roudsey responded with, in my opinion, an amazing message to women.  “Respect yourself, and see what you are worth and know what you are worth.” Something that is not only a good message for adults, but something we should be sending to the little girls out there. Shocking news to me as well as Rhonda, but I learned that Janay, actually still went forward with marrying rice, despite the abuse shortly after. The main shocking point to the story is that there was footage released months after the incident. The original video was of Rice dragging Janay’s limp body out of the elevator.  I felt so disturbed after seeing this for the first time. From the original footage, Rice was then suspended for only two games. Shortly there after, TMZ released the in-elevator footage which lead to the indefinite suspension from the NFL. “I think you just need to respect yourself and see what you’re worth and really know what you’re worth. Unfortunately, I think a lot of women undersell themselves. They don’t know how much they really deserve. I know for a fact that woman deserves more than what she believes”, Rousey said when asked about her message to women.

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