Knowing Your Body: The Guide to Finding Your G-Spot

The G-spot, and it's existence is a hot topic when it comes to women's sexuality. This sometimes magical and sometimes mythical spot is often described as an area much more sensitive and erogenous than any other in the vaginal canal. According to Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D, author of "Sultry Sex Talk to Seduce Any Lover", some women may find the g-spot less powerful a turn on than others. "For some women, the G-spot is not a hot spot - just like the nipples, for example, might not be an erogenous zone for some people." explains Yvonne. But for many other women, the G-spot is the spot for arousal. They may just not have found it yet. Okay, so take an evening to yourself. Get in the mood. Watch some arousing sex scenes, fantasize, take a warm bath...and when you're ready, insert two fingers into your vagina. Go up about two inches. You're looking for a rough patch of nerves, glands and blood vessels which can be "as small as your pinky fingernail or as large as a half-dollar" according to Fulbright. Once located, apply firm pressure to it. If it's starting to feel good, create a steady rhythm and friction. "Stimulating the area will create sensations if it's a hot spot for you. Some gals have described a warm, flushing feeling throughout their genitals and body," says Fulbright. G-spot orgasms can be much more powerful, emotional and physically arresting than even the most intense of clitoral ones! G-spot stimulation can also cause the phenomena of squirting. So have some fun exploring this new area with you and your partner ;) Share your sex tips and tricks with us!

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