Krav Maga: Be Prepared for Anything

The other day, I tested to get my green belt in Krav Maga.  (It goes white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, then black).  Krav Maga  is a self-defense system developed for military in Israel and Hungary that combines techniques  from boxing, Judo, Muay Thai, grappling, jiu-jitsu, and a few other martial arts, along with realistic fight training.  It focuses on real life situations and extremely efficient and brutal counter attacks.  In the movies, such as the Bourne Identity movies, Krav Maga is always used.  But because it's Hollywood, the fight scenes were drawn out for a long period of time.  If that were real life, someone would've been down for the count in seconds.  If you are ever put in danger, or your life is threatened, you only have seconds to defend yourself and get away - Krav Maga trains you for those situations. So why would a nice girl like me ever get involved in such an aggressive martial art?  :-) First of all, I had no idea whether or not I could ever defend myself in a life threatening situation.  It wasn't until I had children that I thought seriously about it.  One time I was walking down the street with both of my kids in a stroller.  A man appeared and started walking aggressively toward me from across the street.  Nothing happened, but at that moment, I felt helpless imagining what could've happened if he tried to hurt me or my kids.  What the hell would I do??  Of course I would scream and yell, but it was a long quiet street with no one around.  Before anyone could help me, something serious could've happened.  I wanted learn how to protect myself against an attacker. After only a few classes, I was taught some basics that had me hooked and I wanted to learn more.  Always attack the attacker.  I have been taught what to do if someone grabs my arm and tries to take me away.  I've also been taught what to do if someone pulls a gun on me if I were held up at an ATM.  I was taught what to do if anyone ever bear hugs me and tries to take me down to the ground as if someone tries to rape me.  These are extreme situations, but they do happen and they happen more often than we know. God forbid I will ever have to use it, but because of Krav Maga I am now prepared and more confident to walk to my car in a dark parking lot.  I may not be bigger or stronger than an attacker, but I could definitely do some damage and get away. Here's a clip from my recent test.  The first part I am doing combatives (straight punches, elbows, hammer fists, groin kicks, etc.).  Then you can see guns and knives were randomly being handed out for attacks.  I was choked, bear hugged, and guns were pulled on me.  I had to prove to the instructors that I knew how to defend against the attacks.  It was 6 1/2 hours of grueling hard work and fighting.  During the test, we also sparred, grappled, did punch combinations, and more and more and more combatives and attacks!!  I was so tired and sore for the next 3 to 4 days afterward!!! There is a lot I need to be taught in Krav Maga.  I hope to get my black belt some day, but just having the tools that I have already learned are priceless.  Everyone should be taught the basics of  Krav Maga. It just may save your life one day.

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