Kylie Jenner's No Makeup, No Filter Selfie Reveals Her True Colours

Wigs, dark lipstick, eyelashes til Tuesday. That is the look we are used to seeing from Kylie Jenner. An over the top, overly done up version of a grown woman. But Kylie Jenner isn't a grown woman and that isn't what she actually looks like. This is why her recent no makeup, no filter selfie posted on Instagram is such a big deal! Can you even recall the last time you saw a young celebrity without her face done up? Even recent celebrity 'no makeup' selfie campaigns have ended up being more like 'minimal makeup' selfie campaigns. No one wants to look less than perfect. But the thing is, not one of us IS perfect. When exactly did we stop showing our actual faces in public? INPOST (11) When did it become normal for us to see young women wearing wigs and stage makeup? People are positively giddy about this image of Jenner. And why is that? Is it because it feels like we are peeking behind the curtain? Is it because it makes her look a little more like us? This type of image should not be rare. Especially for young women. Is it not time we let our real faces see the light of day? The fact is, we are all beautiful. Just as we are. INPOST (3) Kylie Jenner is a stunning, young woman and none of that is diminished without makeup. In fact, she is even more beautiful in her natural state. She looks like a 'normal' 18 year old girl, why should she be expected to ever present as anything else? Why should any of us be expected to present a face to the world that isn't actually ours? How do you feel about going out in public without makeup? Source: Hollywood Life Do you follow us on Instagram?   [caption id="attachment_115388" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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