Kylie, Kendall Party In Monaco with Their Chic "It" Girl Crew

Sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner and Gigi and Bella Hadid with Hailey Baldwin spent their weekend cheering on British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton at the fancy Monaco Grand Prix. Judging by the crazy amount of selfies and yacht photos on their social media pages, they weren't really in Monaco to watch the race. Isn't being 'seen' the most important thing of all? Sorry, I stand corrected, being seen in the right places is the most important thing of all. bella   What exactly has any of these girls done to warrant so much of our attention? Showing the world your ass at 18, does not make you special! These girls are beautiful, they are wealthy but that's about it. And no, that isn't everything. hailey It feels a little like high school to me. So much in high school feels like it is dependent on popularity. If you don't have it, you want it. If you have it, you have to work to keep it. It wasn't something I worried too much about at the time but I remember feeling slightly relieved when I graduated, like I could get on with my life. I could be judged by my merits and not what I was wearing or who I was spending my Saturday evenings with. But apparently, celebrity culture lives to make being in a high school style clique an enviable social status. I don't want to say that these aren't lovely girls, I don't know them at all. In fact, I know very little about them. I know about Kylie's lips and her love affair with Tyga. But those pieces of information tell me nothing about Kylie the person. kylietyga Basically, we are looking at a group of gorgeous girls who, to their credit, have built successful modelling careers. They have massive numbers of followers on social media and make boat loads of money in sponsorships. Is that what fascinates us? Is it that we all harbour a desire to be envied for our looks? Our money? Our status? grope Is any of that enviable? I look at the above pic and I want to pull out my hair. When I go out dancing, I see scores of young girls, 19 and 20 years old, grinding all up on each other, sexualizing every single move. They don't have boundaries, shoot, I've been groped by them too. I'm not saying this to shame them, to each her own, but is that what it has come to? Pushing the envelope as far as we can, putting our sex out there as far as we can, so people will see us, desire us, want to be us? Certainly a less than inspiring message for young women. race As a society, have we lost all sense of what is actually of value? Fame, fortune and beauty are not guarantees that you will be happy. Yes, these girls look pretty happy. They are 18 and 19 years old and have the money to do whatever they want. Right now, I'm sure they are having a ball. But they won't be 18 forever. This current level of media domination won't last forever. Their looks will change. What happens to Kylie when a new set of lips comes along? And believe me, a new set of lips will come along. kendallrace These girls are endowed with a type of celebrity that cannot last. Their youth is so much a part of this conversation. Young girls want to emulate them. They have the best clothes, go to the greatest parties and date all the hot guys. Older ladies? I don't know. Maybe it is a desire to connect to a youth that is different than the one we had. Most of us were not going to Cannes and then yachting in Monaco. Many of us wasted our youthful bodies behind insecurity and uncertainty. Maybe we connect somewhere inside with the fact that these girls appear to be putting it all out there. I think when we get swept up in celebrity love/hate, it is important to remember what actually matters. High school ends. These girls will be forced to grow up too. Their celebrity, as it stands now, has a shelf life. So, take a moment and look at all you value in yourself. Your determination, loyality, work ethic. Whatever it is. Your family, your career. So what if you never get to yacht in Monaco? Things that make you fabulous are not subject to media manipulation or shifting society values. They are timeless. Take a deep breath and look at this current 'it' group for what it is, a passing media fancy. But be ready, there is another crop of 'it' girls waiting in the wings... h/t: Elle Us Weekly  

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