L-Carnatine For Engery and Fat-loss.

About two years ago I suffered from constant tiredness and lethargy. I was sleeping at least 8 hours a day, if not more, but still I felt run down and sluggish. It seemed I was doing everything right - eating well, working out and getting more than enough sleep.

Somehow I got turned on to trying supplementing with L-Carnitine and within a week I was feeling 100% better. It no longer was like pulling teeth to get me out of bed and I wasn't crashing at 8pm. In time it also had the welcome side effect of subtlety reducing my body fat. I haven't looked back and continue to take L-Carnitine regularly. Honestly, I won't live without it. I've also since suggested it to a few clients who similarly experienced positive reactions.

So what is L-carnitine? 

L-Carnitine in a nautally-occuring an animo acid (or protein). One of the richest food sources for it is beef and other red meats. In the body it works to give both increased energy and fat burning by allowing the body to more easily utilize fat stores for energy. Who should take it? L-Carnitine is not considered an essential nutrient because the body can produce it on its own. But some individuals will benefit from oral supplementation with it. Certain medical conditions and medications can reduce the natural levels of the nutrient. It's also useful in treating a whole host of things from low male fertility, Alzheimer's disease, and yes, it aids fat-loss. Athletes and heavy exercisers in particular seem to have a greater need for L-carnitine as their stores are readily burnt off. There's lots of evidence that supplementing with L-Carnitine helps physical performance in strength and endurance and may help to reduce post-exercise lactic acid build up and increase oxygen uptake. Non-exercises and heavy meat eaters likely have no use for supplementing and getting too much L-Carnitine may clog arteries. How to take and how much? L-carnitine comes in pill, liquid and powder form. I personally prefer it in pill - easy to pop and keep in your bag for when you're out. How much to take each day will differ from person to person. After experimenting widely with dosage I've found the sweet spot for me is 2000 mg a day. I like to take 1000mg before breakfast and another at around 2pm. I avoid taking any later than this because I find it affects my sleep. I have taken up to 4000mg safely. Like many other supplements, it is wise to cycle on and off. I usually take it for 6 weeks, than 2 weeks off. L-carnitine for fat-loss. The supplement has gotten lots of attention for it's ability to help burn more fat. It's commonly found as an ingredient in many fat-burners. But like anything, it's not a magic pill and won't do anything for those not already exercising and eating well. I do find that I am leaner with I'm taking it.        


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