Have You Been Lacing Your Shoes Completely Wrong?

Learning to tie my shoes was one of those milestones of childhood, like learning to ride a bike. There were so many twists and tricks and rhymes that helped us knot our laces just right. But what we weren't taught was that tying our shoes in certain ways can mean more comfort for our feet. Find out the impact these lace tricks can have on your next run! High Arches  If you have high arches, you shouldn't crisscross your laces. At the second eyelet, go directly up the shoe to leave the middle of the shoe nice and open. lacing shoes properly Heel Slipping  Lace normally using the crisscross until the last eyelet. Then take each lace straight up the outside and into the last eyelet while leaving a loop. Crisscross each lace and pull it through the opposite loop. Now tie as normal. heel slipping Wide Forefoot  Do the same process as for High Arches, but leave gaps in the laces lower on the shoe. wide forefoot Toe Pain  Thread one side of your laces at the top of the shoe opposite of your big tow. Make a diagonal line and bring the lace to the bottom of your shoe to the eyelet close to your big toe. Lace up using a long lace in zig zags. toe pain Shoe Feels Too Tight  Lace the first two eyelets normally. Take the lower lace and cross it to the other bottom eyelet and put the lace down through. Using the same lace, thread it through the third eyelet and cross it over the tongue and down to the opposite side. shoe feels too tight Try these tricks and let us know your results! Source: The Lad Bible Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_105999" align="alignnone" width="100"] @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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