Lacking Workout Motivation? 12 Comebacks For Every Excuse In The Book

Perhaps you are someone who can write the book on excuses. Doesn't matter the reason, you can find a way out of doing a workout. Sometimes motivation is hard to find, the struggle is real. But when you hear yourself making excuses, slow down and take a moment. Here are 12 comebacks that will make your excuses hardly worth considering! "I'm Too Tired to Workout" Comeback: Then get more rest. Or more specifically, get more sleep. Skipping sleep is not only linked to weight gain, it can make you more likely to hit snooze on your alarm and miss that morning workout completely. Getting more sleeps also means you will be far more functional in your work day. If getting sleep fails, try grabbing a coffee on the way to the gym. "I'm a Night Owl, and It's Impossible to Get Up Extra Early Before Work" Comeback: First, it isn't impossible, but point taken. What about fitting in a 30-minute workout on your lunch hour? If you can't get away from your office during the day, pack your gym bag the night before and bring it with you. Head to the gym straight after work. If you have to go home and change, you are far more likely to park yourself on the sofa and not go anywhere. "Everyone is Going Out for Drinks After Work" Comeback: Try suggesting to your friends to hit the gym with you instead of the bar. You can always go get a drink after the workout is over! "I'm Too Hungover to Workout" Comeback: Sorry about your luck. Drink lots of water and add a little light cardio to your day. Being hungover makes you dehydrated and working out in that state can have serious consequences, so make sure you are drinking lots and lots and lots of water. "I Never Know What to Do, and I End Up Looking Silly or Wasting Time" Comeback: Does it really matter what you look like? Going to the gym is awesome and will make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. But if you can't shake your insecurities, don't give up. Gyms aren't for everyone. You can get an amazing and wonderful, equipment-free workout right in the comfort of your own living room! INPOST (3) "I'm Out of Town, and I'm Out of Town Basically Every Weekend" Comeback: Your fitness goals don't have to suffer just because you aren't home. The workouts you do at home, you can do in a hotel room. Or take advantage of the hotel amenities, hop on that treadmill! Or, pack a jump rope. Jumping rope is a great cardio workout and makes for light weight travel. If there isn't a gym where you are staying, get a pedometer and go for a walk around the city or along the beach. Aim for 10,000 steps! Bike tours are also a great option. "Gym Memberships Are Too Expensive" Comeback: Once again, you can get fit, for free, without a gym membership. Running is free and there are also thousands of apps available on your smartphone dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Not interested in running? Have a look through our workouts! We have tons of workouts, so you're bound to find something you like! Have a look! "I Lit-er-al-ly Do Not Have One Free Minute In My Day" Comeback: Don't be silly. Make time. Treat your workout like you do an important meeting. If you absolutely can't make it, don't cancel, reschedule. If you look for time, you will find it. "It's Too Hot/Cold/Rainy/Windy/Dark/Light/Tuesday" Comeback: If it is too hot, workout indoors or do your workout first thing, before it gets too warm. Or, take your workout to the water. Swimming and stand up paddle boarding are great workouts! If it is too cold/rainy/windy/dark etc, come inside. Take a spin class or run on an indoor track. "I'm Still Sore from Last Week's Workout" Comeback: Taking a rest day (or week) doesn't mean sitting around doing nothing. Active rest days that include yoga, walking and stretching will help you continue to reap the benefits of the workout and ease some of your pain. Stretching immediately following your workout will prevent this in the future. "I'm Hungry" Comeback: Then eat. Your body needs fuel to perform at its best. Try a healthy snack like a medium banana, oatmeal, or non-fat Greek yogurt 30-45 minutes before you begin your workout. For more meal and snack ideas, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan. "I Just Can't Seem to Find the Motivation" Comeback: Working out is so beneficial to your health, physically and emotionally. It can be the cure for just about anything that ails you. Set goals for yourself. Maybe you want to run a 5k or hold a handstand in yoga class. No matter the goal, set it, then go after it. You'll feel like a boss when you hit it. Who doesn't like that? What are your best skip the gym excuses? How do you keep yourself motivated and focused? Source: Shape  

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