Ladies, Pamper Yourself With This New Beauty Trend

The latest trend in DIY beauty treatments is not a treatment for your face, hair or really any part of your body that is commonly visible. Created by Lisa Palmer, using a combination of coconut oil, vitamin E cream, honey, and egg whites, you can show your yoo-hoo some serious love and attain some super soft skin in the process. vajacial Known as a "vajacial," this process is exactly what it sounds like: a "facial" sort of treatment for your vagina. Palmer wanted to keep her lady bits looking and feeling young, soft and tight.  For some women, the idea of aging is super scary and losing what you see as youth in your most personal and feminine parts can be really difficult. However, other women may see this process as empowering, a way to connect with and embrace your physical and sexual selves, or a way to feel truly beautiful. For those who struggle with a history of trauma, it can be a marvelous way to connect with your body. [bctt tweet="Ladies, Pamper Yourself With This New Beauty Trend"] Once the mask is mixed together and applied, you should leave it on for 15 minutes. Palmer recommends rinsing the mixture off with rosewater, but you can rinse off in the shower as well. It is a little oily so this might be the best bet. People who have tried the vajacial have mixed feelings. Some consider the process to be unnecessary and silly, but they have achieved softer, smoother skin. And here's the thing, it may be an entirely unnecessary process, but why does pampering yourself have to be a bad thing? There is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself. Perhaps you turned your nose up at this idea, but you may want to reconsider. Women are often taught to feel negatively about their bodies. Our society creates a scenario where women are told that their bodies exist for consumption of others and that they should feel shameful or dirty when caring for and tending to their most intimate parts. Take that back! Don't be afraid to show your body a little love. Would you ever consider giving yourself a vajacial? Source: Bustle 

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