Lady-Makers: Full-Body 10 minute Workout Sure to Bust Your Balls

Here's a challenging 10 minute full-body workout for you to try.

This is my own slightly modified version of Man-Makers.  But I changed the name to something better (: 

It might seem a little convoluted at first, and you'll have to pay attention all the while to be sure you don't miss any moves or reps but I promise the time will fly by! (Though, depending on what your attitude is to pushing yourself, that might not be true). But here are the step broken down:

1. Jump back into plank.

2. Do a push up.

3. One plank row for each arm for each rep. Be sure to stabilise the hips and not let them swing from side to side too much.

4. Jump the feet back to either sides of the hands keeping the but low.

5. Stand up to full extension keeping the dumbbells hanging between legs. Do a sumo squat for each repetition.

6. Do a bicep curl for each rep.

7. Do an overhead press for each rep.

8. Put the weights down and do 15 high-knees.

The challenge in this workout is to work your way up to as many reps as you can in 10 minutes. Start with one rep of each move (but always do 15 high-knees). Then do two reps, then three, then four and you get the picture. Decently fit folks should aim to get up to 8 reps. Beasts will be challenged to get to 10. Little to no rest the whole way.

Good Luck!

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