Video Shows What "Sexy" Really Looks Like

On Monday, Lane Bryant launched the new #ImNoAngel campaign featuring models Ashley Graham, Marquita Pring and Candice Huffine, among others. Wearing Lane Bryant's exclusive bra collection, Cacique, the women define "sexy"in a number of ways. The ads extend to social media in an effort to further challenge beauty standards. This campaign comes at the height of debate over the fashion industry's use of the term "plus size." Earlier this year Ajay Rochester started #droptheplus and Tess Munster began #effYourBeautyStandards. These campaigns add to an ongoing conversation about fair representation varied body types in fashion and media. Women are embracing the message of diversity and inclusion as #ImNoAngel gains more and more steam on Twitter and Instagram. lanebryant2 I believe every move made to help a woman look at herself and see beauty is a good move. I embrace this campaign but I also worry about it. Is this a positive movement or is it more of the same? I am aware that Lane Bryant is a plus sized line, hence campaigning to plus sized women but isn't this campaign as exclusionary as the rest? Do these ads show what sexy "really looks like" or is it doing something far more positive by EXPANDING the definition of sexy? We are women, we are human, we are all sexy. We aren't sexy because we've got curves and soft edges any more than we are sexy because we are rail thin, or super fit, or any other combination of body type. What do you think? Embraceable campaign in a fight to include all or does this feel like high school clique behaviour where you don't get to play because you don't fit? We want to hear your thoughts.

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