Late-Night Snacking Versus Brunch: What's Worse?

Post night out on the town, your head is hazy and you have one thing on your mind: FOOD. You call up the delivery guy and hope by the time you get home, he's at your doorstep like a magical fairy dropping down your favorite pizza at your beck and call. You tell yourself you'll just have a slice or two and then call it a night, but then you find yourself face deep in the entire pie and your diet is ruined just like that. Nutritionalists break down whether brunch is better or late-night snacking. And it's not just those excess calories that are the problem. Apparently, those drunken late-night snacking binges are bad for your sleep as well. "If I give my body a lot of energy and calories at the end of the day, and go to sleep, my body is going to think, ‘Well we don’t really need this energy right now,’ and it will become stored as fat. Eating late night will also prevent you from getting deep REM sleep, which you will need to detox," says Nutritionist Michelle Blum. Nutritionist Lisa Hayim says that you absolutely shouldn't skip dinner. And if you do find yourself famished after a night out on the town, opt for healthy options over pizza and burritos. "Allow yourself to eat, but attempt some moderation and good choices. Perhaps instead of pizza try a few pretzels and hummus, or even shelled edamame. I know it sounds weird now, but it’s oddly satisfying in the moment, and can help avoid that next day guilt." And what if you're the type of person who conks out quickly after that last tequila shot, waking up at 11am the next day with a grumbling tummy since the last time you ate was Friday night happy hour at 6pm? Most likely brunch is your next move. And good news ... if you're going to choose one high-calorie option, brunch is your best bet. Nutritionalists break down whether brunch is better or late-night snacking. "If I eat brunch, I eat smack dab in the middle of my day when my body needs the most energy, so the food will be utilized and burned instead of stored," says Blum. "Eggs are one of the best things to eat after a night out because of their amino acid compound. They contain cysteine, which breakdowns the toxins giving you a headache, and taurine which helps with liver function. If you add some tomato juice to that, the antioxidant lycopene will help clean up the mess from the night before. Alcohol also lowers inhibitions, so you are much more likely to do more caloric damage during a late night binge than at a hungover brunch." Are you a late-night food lover or more of a brunch person? Source: Elite Daily

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