Latest Trend: Lifting

I love to lift weights.  I think that all of my other blog posts allude to that.  But, I am not the only one in love with weightlifting.  Many men and women in are recently super into lifting. Below are phrases that are commonly thrown around between fitness fanatics: 1. Strong is the new Skinny 2. Oh My Quad 3. Leg Day 4. Back Day 5. Dat Ass How did this new weightlifting, ab sculpting, strength gaining craze start?  Weightlifting as a sport goes back 5,000 when Chinese soldiers had to pass lifting tests.  According to the History of Weightlifting, the Greek word for dumbbells means to "remove clappers from bells," so that the "bells" are silent when being lifted.  Weightlifting has been a regular event in the Olympic games since 1920. ( So, weightlifting is not a "new craze" but luckily, it is back in the social media spotlight and muscles are sexy. So, stop and smell the iron and get on the lifting "craze."  The strength is addicting!   femalegymtraining

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