Laxative Addiction Is A Real Problem And The Consequences Can Be Fatal

We are a society that loves quick fixes. We want what we want, and we want it now. This attitude doesn't just apply to modern conveniences but to how we view our weight loss efforts. Gaining weight doesn't happen overnight and losing it won't either. Despite the fact the we rationally know this, we still look for an easy way. For some people, that "easy" solution can have fatal consequences.

Some people, in a desperate bid to shed pounds in a hurry, turn to laxatives. It seems like a golden solution for removing the food you just ate. And yet, that isn't quite how it works.

Laxatives are made to be used for a very short time to ease a short term problem. They are not meant to be regularly consumed. Here's what could happen when used inappropriately:

  • excessive use of laxatives can lead to an electrolyte imbalance in the brain that can lead to fatal seizures.
  • excessive use can do such damage to the colon that one will have to use a colostomy bag.
  • excessive use can cause short-term bleeding and long-term damage due to perforations and tears.
  • laxatives don't just remove food waste, the also remove the nutrients your body needs to survive.
  • excessive laxative use can create a situation where one is no longer able to make a natural bowel movement. You've trained your body out of knowing what to do.

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Abusing laxatives can also lead to hair loss, ashen appearance and a sallow skin.

“While laxatives may cause short-term weight loss, it is important to note that the reduction of weight is due to the loss of water from the body. This ‘water weight’ returns when a person drinks a lot of fluids. Prolonged abuse of laxatives can cause serious dehydration that can rid your body of water, essential electrolytes and minerals. This can lead to constipation, cramps, dizziness, diarrhea and even rectal bleeding," explains Dr Jonathan D’Souza.

Are a few pounds of short-term weight loss really worth all those risks?

We didn't think so.




Source: Z Living


I’ve never gone for a poo naturally for over 40 yrs I’ve always had this problem .doctor just gives me laxatives. I’m in my 70 s now and having hair loss .

Mary Jackson November 02, 2021

Yes will my hair grow back? Can the laxative also make you scalp burn?

Carol Klein December 05, 2020

I’ve been taking miralax daily for quite some time and my hair is falling out and balding in spots. Will my hair grow back if I quit taking it?

Keli November 01, 2020

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