This Leafy Green Is the Number One Offender for Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is not something you wish upon your worst enemy. It's one of those bodily attacks that has you down for the count and scrolling through your brain as you hover over the toilet in search of what you last ate. We don't typically relate leafy greens to bad health, but when it comes to food poisoning, they're at the front of the pack. Along with being the cause of 18 outbreaks of food poisoning in the last decade, the Center for Science in the Public Interest ranks them as the number one offender for food poisoning. But before you go around telling people leafy greens are bad for you, know that its not the vitamin-rich greens that are causing this issue. Rather, it's tenacious bacteria, including E. coli, that can sustain just below the surface of these veggies. They're also known for bringing up germs in the soil and water. To answer this problem, scientists have concocted a cleansing system that adds titanium dioxide "photocatalyst" to the washing solution, which can rid spinach, lettuce and other leaves of hidden germs. The University of California-Riverside claims that this system is able to kill 99 percent of bacteria that makes its way deep within the leaves. Though this is important information to know, it's also beneficial to understand that regardless, getting food poisoning from leafy greens like spinach is still very low in the grand scheme of what will harm you. And, keep in mind that you shouldn't give up on these guys just out of fear. They're oh so healthy for you. In fact, eating them on a daily basis can help reset your body clock, enhance your brain and decrease your risk of death. Have you ever gotten food poisoning and traced it back to spinach or another leafy green? Source: Shape

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