How Lean Can You Get Without Losing Muscle?

As you may already know, that "cover model" six pack look is best achieved by maintaining the highest amount of muscle you can while also striving for the lowest body fat percentage. To gain major muscle, you must allow yourself to gain some fat. And to lose fat, you must sacrifice some muscle. There is no way around it. building muscle For bodybuilders, achieving this balance of low fat and high muscle is essential. Even though their diets become progressively restrained to the point where they will eat 9 to 12 calories per pound of weight on their bones, and they power through unimaginably intense workouts, they still will lose muscle. The average amount of muscle they will lose to get lean is 30%. If they manage to only shed 20%, that has not been an easy task. For these natural bodybuilders, the process of getting lean can have serious effects on their health and mental wellness. “Libido disappears at a certain point. Lethargy hits pretty bad, and irritability and obsessiveness get out of control in most people.” explains Eric Helms, Ph.D. and experienced gym rat. “At the end it’s harder than boot camp." Eric suggests that (if you're not training to become a bodybuilder) you set an achievable goal of how many pounds you can shed while still gaining muscle mass without mentally messing with yourself. Working out and seeing results should be enjoyable and uplifting, not a personal contest. Besides, people will admire a healthy, fit physique no matter your fat/muscle ratio. What are your suggestions for getting lean and gaining muscle? Share them with us! Source: Mens Health    

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