Leg and Ab Mash up

Today I'm bringing you a real time workout where I've videoed the full routine. Its 16 minutes of abs, legs and butt mainly and it shows how you can push yourself in just 16 minutes! It’s pretty cool at the end of the routine to think "I'm done for the day" and to feel like you've had a great, hard workout in such a short time. I've put some music in with this routine as I always find it easier working out to music - often I time out the routine in terms of songs. Hunt out 4-5 of your fav songs and at the end of that you should be at the end of your workout! Set your timer for 16 rounds at 10 seconds rest and 50 seconds exercise. Exercise 1 Weighted deep squats - I use a 12 kg kettle bell in the video but you could use an alternative such as dumbbells or a weighted bar resting on your shoulders. Exercise 2 Side to side abs - Sit down with your knees bent, raise feet off the floor and move the weighted ball side to side. This exercise can also be done with your feet on the ground if you find it too difficult raising your feet. Exercise 3 Squat with alternate arm kettle bell swings. I used an 8kg kettle bell for this exercise - swap hands as you rise up from squat. Exercise 4 Reverse lunge with front kick, holding dumbbells. Alternate legs (I used 5kg dumbbells) Like if you like and I'd love to hear any comments below! Han    

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