Lemons Will Help 3 Areas of Your Health in 8 Big Ways

From boosting your diet to potentially fighting cancer, these yellow fruit should be in everyone’s kitchen. These little miracle fruit are packed to the brim with vitamins and enzymes your body can use. Both tasty and incredibly good for you, here’s why lemons should be on your regular shopping list:


  •  Replace that coffee. Boost your metabolism by squeezing fresh lemon juice into your water in the morning. No more sugar-crash when the coffee wears off!
  • They might be fighting cancer. According to studies, citris liminoids in lemons can fight tumours!
  • Instead of taking acetaminophen and risking damage to your liver, to help cure a fever, try drinking lemon juice to bring down that temperature.


  • Lemons (and their juices) contain a fiber called pectin, used to aid your digestive tract, which is commonly used in weight-loss plans. Additionally, they’ve been included in diet programs for a long time.
  • Half of a cup of lemon juice, every day, may help to prevent kidney stones!
  • Along with bananas, these little guys also offer some serious potassium.


  • Got a cold or flu? Lemon juice is commonly mixed with sweet honey to soothe a sore throat.
  • An itchy bite can be numbed by rubbing a tiny bit of lemon on the spot.


If they aren't already a regular in your meals, breakfast, lunch or dinner, you now have 8 great reasons to include them. And if 8 reasons wasn't enough...
  • They taste great! flu-lemon water

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